academyFIVE, the campus management software solution by Simovative, is a web based application that offers a wide range of functionality that is required and demanded by today's higher education institutions and their stakeholders.

Used by a growing number of institutions, our clients value the wide ranging functionality and versatilty that academyFIVE has to offer. While all our clients use the same software, it is highly configurable and customisable, to enable institutions to capture the data they need and execute the processes required for them to function efficiently.

Running on state of the art hardware and using modern software deployment technology, academyFIVE provides an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to manage all of a higher educational institution's data. All this without the hassle of running a large number of systems and servers that require a high amount of maintenance and complicated system architectures. If integrations to other systems, such as an LMS (ie Moodle) or financial software, are required, this can easly be achieved by using our API.

Using academyFIVE means that all of the data relating to a student, from the first contact as a prospective, to the online application, through the entire academic life cycle to graduation and beyond, can be found in one place. Managing curriculas, timetables, course descriptions, grades, cohort intakes and study programs and much more can be done within academyFIVE.


academyFIVE includes:

  • Prospective student & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customizable online application tool, admission evaluation and management
  • Study program and cohort management
  • Curricula and grade management
  • Course, room and resource planning
  • Fully Integrated communication tools including email, sms and internal messaging
  • Finance & tuition management
  • E-submisssions
  • Alumni management
  • Customizable student and faculty community, managed by academyFIVE's integrated content management tool
  • Mobile app for iOS, Android and Microsoft
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Fully integrated XML based PDF document generator, as well as MS Word serial letter generator
  • MS Outlook Plug-in
  • Extensive Webservice API