academyFIVE's online community is the core portal for students, faculty and other stakeholders. It is fully customizable and provides an easy way for users to access the information they need and perform the actions they require.


Highlights for students include:

  • Up to date news items & timetable information
  • Online course catalog and course registration
  • Full grade overview
  • Room bookings (for group work etc.)
  • E-Submissions
  • Easy communication with tutors or fellow students
  • Group and event creation or participation


Highlights for faculty members include:

  • Access to course information, such as participant lists
  • Attendance registry
  • Timetable information
  • Easy communication with students or other faculty members


The online community can be managed and customized through academyFIVE and will let your institution stand out by offering the services students and faculty need in an easy to use, responsive web interface.