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academyFIVE is a future oriented and proven solution for modern service based campus management. All stakeholders, from leadership to the administration, faculty members, prospectives, applicants, students and alumni as well as partner institutions and companies are united in academyFIVE. This makes academyFIVE a fully integrated campus management system solution which elimantes the need for having separate software suites for different departments or stakeholders that do not work well together. 

academyFIVE is being used by numerous colleges and universities as well as other higher education institutions in Europe, primarily in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Among them are public, as well as private institutions, ranging from business schools, art and music colleges to large universities. All of them value the flexibilty and the range of features that our fully web based solution has to offer.

academyFIVE - an integrated solution for all stakeholders

  • Prospectives
  • Applicants
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Administrative staff
  • Alumni
Demo Features

academyFIVE is a fully web based software solution that involves all stakeholders of an higher education institution. From a new prospective student who registers their interest on your website which automatically creates a profile and corresponding follow up tasks in academyFIVE's CRM module, to a full online application platform that will guide an applicant through their application process. Students can check their grades, timetable and message their peers or tutors in our customisable online community or using the corresponding mobile app. Faculty members can register attendance, enter exam grades and interact with students in these tools. Other staff members, such as student services, can access all information relating to students in academyFIVE and execute required actions such as printing a fully customised transcript or matriculating new students at any time. These are only a few examples of what academyFIVE's extensive functionality.

consults and supports your institution during the introduction of the software as well as continued support once academyFIVE has been fully implemented. Our extensive experience of numeours implementations at a wide variety of higher education institutions will be at your disposal.

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