Our commitment

At Simovative, we take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously. That's why we do our best to contribute to global sustainability and greater humanity through our commitment. In our opinion, every step counts – for greater togetherness and a better tomorrow.

Directly from the region

When we order, we always make sure to buy from regional suppliers and that our suppliers have the shortest possible travel distances. We always check the country of origin before making a purchase and prioritise products that have been manufactured in Germany or at least in the EU region.

Top equipment

For us, it is a matter of course to provide our employees with top office equipment. Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are our standard – on request also for the home office. In addition, there are numerous plants in every office and on our roof terrace. We intentionally gave the task of greening our roof terrace to the Caritas workshop for disabled people in order to support the people working there and the social commitment of the facility in general.

picture: plant on our roof terrace

Sustainability on the plate

 aus der im Allgäu. Bei unserem Hauptbüro gibt es zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, um sich mittags ein leckeres Essen zu holen. Damit wir dabei nicht auf Wegwerfverpackungen zurückgreifen müssen, stehen in unserer Küche immer ausreichend Lunchboxen zur Verfügung. So bleiben Essensreste auch für den nächsten Bürotag frisch.

Once a week, the mobile farm store Regio Delivery brings us a large basket of regional organic fruit. A high-quality coffee machine provides the employees with large amounts of caffeine. The coffee for it comes from the Gourmet Rostery Henning Böhm in the Allgäu. At our main office, there are numerous options for grabbing a tasty meal at lunchtime. To ensure that we don't have to rely on disposable packaging, there are always plenty of lunch boxes available in our kitchen. This keeps leftovers fresh for the next work day.

Spending time together

At Simovative, we like to celebrate and spend time together. Easter barbecue, summer party, Christmas party and internal themed evenings are set dates in the calendar. And of course, we can be found every year at the Oktoberfest. At our regularly recurring music evenings in the Munich office we also support regional artists, who had to sacrifice their income, especially in pandemic times due to the limited performance possibilities.

picture: classic evening with Nicholas von der Nahmer

Supporting with joy

Playing bubblesoccer with the children and young people of the South Bavarian Centre for the Visually Impaired and Blind, a trip to the English Garden with the residents of Pfennigparade, cleaning up the nature reserve at the Munich regatta site with BUND Naturschutz, curling with the senior citizens of the association "Ein Herz für Rentner" – all this and much more was implemented by Simovative employees in 2023. Our social projects are so well received by our colleagues and, above all, by the organisations we support that we will be implementing projects for good causes again next year.

Social and hygienic

The next meeting is saved, because from now on we offer social & recycled toilet paper! With this toilet paper, we support Goldeimer – a non-profit company that aims to give people around the world access to secure sanitation. Plus, the toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, which uses significantly less water and energy. And to dry our hands, we also use sustainable paper towels from the region.

picture: toilet paper from Goldeimer

To the well-being of our team

A company is nothing without its team. To ensure that our colleagues feel really good, we are always coming up with something new. We offer our employees the opportunity to use ‘JobRad’. They choose the bike they want from a retailer and then lease it from Simovative. What they use the bike for is up to them – whether it's for commuting to work or for leisure. In addition to the great savings, comprehensive insurance and bicycle service are also included
For particularly sporty employees – or those who want to become one – there is EGYM Wellpass. This allows employees to attend numerous sports courses, massages, swimming pools and much more in Munich and throughout Germany.

pciture: Agata with her dog Kiwi

Youth is the future

Sport is not only an excellent way for us to relax after sitting for a long time, but it's also good for young people to let off steam. That's why we think it's great that young people go straight to the soccer field after school. We are happy to support the soccer youth team in their athletic ambitions and also provide jerseys.

pciture: youth soccer team