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The educational landscape is constantly evolving. New tools are changing studies and the working world. Be part of it from the beginning and use UniHeads – your solution for campus recruiting & employer branding as well as for career centres of universities. Look forward to new methods for adaptive learning, collaborative working, alumni management and more.

UniHeads provides exactly what you need – whether you work for a small company or a corporation, a private university or a state university.

For companies

Declare war on the skills shortage – efficient campus recruiting and sustainable employer branding will help you attract tomorrow's talent today.

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For universities

Offer your partner companies and students broad services – without effort or cost. Our UniHeads sales team does the work for you.

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For students

Students get perfectly matching jobs and exciting events directly in the student portal – thanks to UniHeads, their career start or study financing is secured.



Reach students where they actually are: in the student portal.


Expand your university network and create the foundation for collaborations and events.


Attract the talent of tomorrow today – without much effort.

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Become a connector

Universities seek partnerships with companies to provide additional services to their students – companies try to reach out to students to find the perfect fit for positions. But how can these two groups be brought together in the best possible way?

UniHeads helps you become the link between universities or companies and students. With minimal effort, synergies are created from which everyone benefits. Students can finance their studies, learn about jobs and discover exciting career events. Companies can reach students directly in the university community and thus gain a direct line to the specialists of tomorrow. Universities can expand their career centre services without investing a lot of time, because UniHeads helps acquire suitable companies.

Efficient Campus Recruiting

We know that it is not easy to find suitable talents for your own positions. Students and graduates have numerous options when it comes to choosing a specific job or employer. How can companies stand out here? The solution is UniHeads. With this tool, companies reach students where they really are: in the community of the university.

With the help of intelligent algorithms, recruiters save the time they would otherwise invest in active sourcing. The result is not only the same, but even better: students only receive job offers when they are a perfect match. Universities that use UniHeads thus offer great added value to their partner companies.

Learn in the video how campus recruiting works with UniHeads.

Who we are

We know where students are, what universities need and how this fits with companies – because we have been successfully working with universities for 20 years.

No matter if you are a small company, a startup, a medium-sized business or a corporation – with UniHeads you will find the optimal solution for you.

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